Waiter bot is a robot built with LEGO Mindstorms using EV3 brick, a color sensor and a touch sensor to carry snacks from kitchen to living room or any other place really as long as there is a black line for it to follow. Its programmed to follow a black line from the kitchen all the way into the living room. That involved going through 3 diferent floors with 3 different colors to compare against black including brown which is a bit close to black. To stop the bot anytime or anywhere, a touch sensor is added. By default, when the program is run, the bot starts comparing colors and stays close to black line. If the gear attached to the touch sensor is touched, it stops.

In order to make the 90degree curves, its programmed to move both wheels with one moving forward and another moving slightly backward. When it detects black, it steers right and when it detects other color in comparison, it moves left so it always stays on line.


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  1. williamchurch17

    Hello Manu — congratulations on completing your kitchen helper. Delivery robots of this type are used for many applications. Taking on different floor colors as you did is a part of the real world challenge many robots face. Carrying snacks from the kitchen to others rooms is a fantastic job for a robot! I am sure that the people who received the snacks from the robot enjoyed the results of your hard work!

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