High tech Jack and the beanstalk

In the "Jack and the bean stalk" story, Jack climbs up the bean stalk and have to come down in a hurry when the gaint chases him.  In this version, when Jack saw the long bean stalks, he builds an escalator to take him to the top of the bean stalk easily.  And when the gaint comes chasing him, he can quickly come down on the escalator and the escalator stays hidden in the bean stalks.  The escalator is programmed to go to the top, wait for 10 seconds and come down.


High tech Jack and the beanstalk, 1.0 out of 1 based on 1 rating

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  1. williamchurch17

    Way to go, Manu! This should definitely fix it! I like the set design including the LEGO tower! Your system works fast — just what Jack needs!

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