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This is the bottom of the vehicle, 2 large motors, 1 EV3 block,1 colour sensor, 1 touch sensor.


This is the top of the vehicle with a plating costume and a candy shovel at the front


Sorry, I didn't have a working camera to record, and my picture cameras batteries died before I could take the rest of the pictures, sorry, I will be better prepare next time.


  1. bbratzel

    Thanks for submitting! If you are able to take more pictures or video later, feel free to add them to your post. We’d love to see more of your Can-D-Ozer!

  2. DerpyDerpSquid

    I am working on that and I am just getting the video converted so I can post it.
    The Video camera software I was using isn’t very compatable with my laptop, so I am going to neeed to work on that

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