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My ev3ird

This is my blue ev3ird. it has 2 motors, 1 touch sensor, 1 infared sensor, and one brick. This is also my second design.  My first design had 4 moters and 2 bricks and was alot bigger.  Sorry about the photo being on its side. This is how i get the wings to move.(infared sensor […]

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My drawing robot

  this is my drawing robot. it uses a Sharpie to draw. using a sharpie is way more convenient than using a paintbrush.1) more precise. 2)easy to change colours 3) less mess 4) no need to wash wheels after drawing 5) easy to stop robot from drawing.  this is the end product. not all that neat, […]

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My robotic fish

My name is Scott and this is the first time i have entered a challenge. For the robo pet challenge I entered a fish. The fish can open and close its mouth, flap its fins/flip and wag its tail sorry about my audio problems. i will try get it fixed

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