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Art Show

Goal: It is time for a MINDSTORMS art show! Make a robotic artist that creates a picture. It can draw with markers, scribble with crayons, splatter paint, whatever you wish. Film your artist at work and also show us the finished picture.

Start date: January 1, 2016
Due date: January 31, 2016

Rules: Your picture must be done by a MINDSTORMS artist, not a human one. You may use any medium you want–marker, paint , crayon, etc. You may even combine several media. Be sure to show us your artist at work and also show us the finished artwork. In addition to an NXT or EV3, you may use sensors, motors, and pieces from the NXT or EV3 kits. You are also welcome to use multiple MINDSTORMS kits, additional LEGO pieces, third-party sensors, and non-LEGO materials. 

This is a joint challenge with Dr E’s WeDo Challenges. Click here to see the WeDo version.

Sharko’s Art Bot

LEGO mini “Van Gogh” creates abstract art with a color marker.  The color sensor attached senses the edges and stay within the canvas area to draw.  The randomized pattern makes the mini Van Gogh to go around making geometrical semi circles mixed with abstract lines to create interesting patterns.    Art Bot created with LEGO […]

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Sponge catapult

 Hello! It’s Malina and Marusia again. Have you ever thougt that robot could be an artist? We thougt it could be fun to make a catapult which can create an abstract picture.  That’s our robot. We’ll explain you how we made robot and how it works.  Robot with his paint palette  The paint palette. We […]

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Kacper’s Painter

Hello again! I’m Kacper and I’d love to introduce a PAINTER!  That’s how Painter looks like. Look at his palette of paints and brush!  Take a look how Painter is built.  Maybe it looks like easy construction but it’s not. Look at this worm and gear connection. It’s slow but very precise.  That’s how my […]

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My drawing robot

  this is my drawing robot. it uses a Sharpie to draw. using a sharpie is way more convenient than using a paintbrush.1) more precise. 2)easy to change colours 3) less mess 4) no need to wash wheels after drawing 5) easy to stop robot from drawing.  this is the end product. not all that neat, […]

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green monster bot

 A joint project between students from Medford Massachusetts and visiting students from Shanghai China. Robots and paint: a recipe for messy fun! Green monster bot had some trouble gaining traction in the paint, but created a dramatic picture nonetheless.

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