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Ball Thrower

Goal: Design a machine to throw a small plastic ball as far as possible. Or as high as possible. Or as accurately as possible. The choice is up to you. In your submission, tell us which goal you designed your launcher for–distance, height, or accuracy—and show us how it works (but be sure to aim it away from people)!

Start date: March 1, 2016
Due date: March 31, 2016

Rules: Your device must include an NXT or EV3 and a motor.  You may use sensors, motors, and pieces from the NXT or EV3 kits. You are also welcome to use multiple MINDSTORMS kits, additional LEGO pieces, third-party sensors, and non-LEGO materials. 

Girl’s Catapult

Hello again! We are Malina and Marusia. This time we created catapult.   Look at the basket for batteries under the turntable. As we said – heavy batteries made our robot more stable. Without it – catapult jump!   Have a look how catapult works! Our remote contains two sensors – color sensor and touch […]

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