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Goal: For this monstrous challenge, create a MINDSTORMS monster. It can be big or small, scary or funny—but it must respond to its environment in some way.

Start date: December 1, 2016
Due date:  January 6, 2017
Rules:  In addition to an NXT or EV3, you may use sensors, motors, and pieces from the NXT or EV3 kits. You are also welcome to use multiple MINDSTORMS kits, additional LEGO pieces, third-party sensors, and non-LEGO materials. 

🔥 The Flames of Fury 🔥

Our monster is The Flames or Fury! This robot will stroll along slowly, until it  senses any object in front of it (in this case, we used a drawn-up prop named Fred). Then it will go completely crazy: screaming, spinning, and galloping at the same time! Whether it gives you a scare, or a laugh, […]

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Karlie and Zacks robot

 This is our robot. It’s name Is widdow. It attacks  when it see’s your hand.  Plus it stops and slams is back end down and it also allows the tail to move forward and jump at you. We also added a sound effect to Miami it sound like its screaming at you when you touch […]

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Scare 101

 This is a monster for introducing scare into any situation with a set of scary claws that move up and down. The monster-robot reacts to a white straw, allowing kids to practice scare to each other and other people. Includes a scary face of course. By: Joaquin

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