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Robo Pet

Goal: Everyone needs a pet, but not everyone can have a live one. Make a robotic pet instead. Use a sensor and motor to make the pet respond to you in some way. A dog that wags its tail and barks? A parrot that flaps its wings and squawks? Create the pet you’d love to have. In your submission, be sure to tell us your pet’s name!

Start date: December 1, 2015
Due date: December 31, 2015

Rules: Your device must include an NXT or EV3, a sensor, and a motor. You may use sensors, motors, and pieces from the NXT or EV3 kits. You are also welcome to use multiple MINDSTORMS kits, additional LEGO pieces, third-party sensors, and non-LEGO materials. 

My robotic fish

My name is Scott and this is the first time i have entered a challenge. For the robo pet challenge I entered a fish. The fish can open and close its mouth, flap its fins/flip and wag its tail sorry about my audio problems. i will try get it fixed

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