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Smart Clothing

insect maxmia

Goal: Dress for success by adding some brains to your clothes and accessories! What if your hat had a fan for hot days? What if your backpack could remind you if you forgot your homework? What if your shoes had turn by turn direction signals so you don’t get lost walking to class? Invent some smarts for your clothing!

Start date: November 1, 2014

Due date: November 30, 2014

Rules: Use at least one LEGO NXT or EV3 sensors to make smart clothing or accessories. Output for your system can be motion, sounds, lights, or displays on the NXT/EV3 screen. Feel free to use non-LEGO pieces to make sure your system operates with clothing or accessories. When you have completed the challenge, write a description of your Smart system and upload a video of it demonstrating how it works.


Smart Cane

As part of Smart Clothing challenge, I made a Blind Man's cane using Ultra sound sensor and programming into the EV3 brick. I connected the Ultrasound sensor… As part of Smart Clothing challenge, I made a Blind Man’s cane using Ultra sound sensor and programming into the EV3 brick.  I connected the Ultrasound sensor at […]

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GPS Shirt

 These boys worked hard to make simple yet helpful machine that detects objects in your way. The machine uses a ultrasonic sensor to detect objects and the motor controls the arrow and the direction it turns. A helpful voice lets you know to turn left or right. This group tries to explain how their machine […]

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The phone alarm

Do you have a mobile phone and want to keep it safe? With the alarm built by Carlos Enjuto, you’ll have your phone safe and secured from thieves. When someone steals your mobile, the alarm will sound quickly. Carlos has used the touch sensor to perform this ingenious construction.   This is a Lego Mindstorm […]

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