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Space Exploration

Goal: Blast off on a space adventure with Dr. E! Create a rocket ship, a tool for a space traveler, or even an alien being—there are no limits to this cosmic journey. This is a joint challenge with Dr. E’s WeDo Challenges.

Start Date: May 1, 2018
Due Date: May 31, 2018

Rules:  You may use a MINDSTORMS EV3 kit, an NXT kit, or a LEGO BOOST kit. You are also welcome to use multiple kits, additional LEGO pieces, third-party sensors, and non-LEGO materials. 

Larry the Dropbot

 Larry the Dropbot  Larry the Drop bot  Dropping mechanism Background story for Larry   Dropping mechanism  Programming  Its into the future and we finally found a planet that is almost the size of our Earth and perfect for humans to inhabit.  It has water, gaint trees (for the lack of Carnivores on the planet), breathable air […]

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