Recent Submissions

UN- Rolly

We built a un-rolly (logical as it unrolls a roll). We calculated how many degrees it takes to pull one inch and then used the buttons on the brick and the math block to move the motor. We learnt a lot on how much it takes to solidify the structure and math block.   rollChlg […]

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Egg Cracker

We built an egg cracker. It was a very exciting project with lots of learnings. We learnt that cracking an egg is not an easy task. We used gravity to drop a butter knife to crack the egg. Earler the epic fails were quickly cleaned up before mom could see the mess.   chef – […]

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24 piece or 10 piece?

 This is a challenge to build a car with Mindstorms EV3 with only 24 parts or less.  Here I show 3 different cars – on with 24 parts that can drive with a remote control, 21 parts that can drive with programming and a 14 part car that can drive only straight…and just for fun […]

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